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PayPal Allies with MasterCard

There’s lots of sneering going on over PayPal’s MasterCard alliance arguing that it’s an admission that PayPal has failed to sign up the retailers it needs, but reasonably speaking would anyone really assume that PayPal is going to have the kind of reach online that MasterCard does? The goal of PayPal is to get people to use it. I can’t think of a better way to finally put a boot in Google Checkout’s starved ribs and make PayPal shopping viable than the proposed MasterCard alliance.

The reality is that one of the biggest things holding back PayPal online shopping is PayPal’s own failure to provide a thorough listing of which stores online take PayPal or don’t. The PayPal site directory lists a bare handful of stores and opens annoyingly in a closed secondary page. A PayPal shopping portal would be a great idea for someone with the time and resources to make one and would really promote PayPal shopping. Let’s look at the big picture, there are stores like Walgreens which take PayPal and yet it’s not something most PayPal customers know or realize. There are stores in your neighborhood that accept PayPal orders online, yet most don’t know that either. eBay has failed to properly promote PayPal merchants and while MasterCard will end doubts over whether a retailer takes PayPal or not, it’s prompted by PayPal’s own failure in the first place.

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