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Party Down Poe Movie Actually Happening

You can’t give Party Down too much credit for this, some kind of revisionist Poe action hero movie was being kicked around for a while. And who better to play a crazed genius with a drug problem than John Cusack. Yes, John Cusack. I guess they both have dark hair. And people hated them. So there’s some similarity. Except obviously Depp or Downey could have nailed this. Cusack will wander through it giving it his best intense stare. Which is the same stare most people trot out to try and get crazy people to leave them alone. But you would think Cusack would have learned his lesson after Max and the infamous line that somehow hasn’t made it to YouTube “Come on Hitler, I’ll buy you a glass of lemonade”. The only redeeming thing was that Cusack wasn’t playing Hitler. On the other hand there’s no way in hell that a movie where Cusack played Hitler would not have made it to Youtube, and turned into one of the funniest things ever. I guess we’ll have to wait till he plays Poe.

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