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Open Access Looks to be In

For all the snide threats and rumors spread by the big telcos that open access would keep the auction prices low, the minimum has been met and open access looks to be in. What politicians continually ignore is that the threats of major corporations are hollow when real money is on the line, but at the same time big business loves to play the victim and that’s what Verizon and its ilk were doing here. The bandwidth is just too valuable and the competition in the market is just too fierce for the minimum not to have been met, which is why Kevin Martin was right and his big business affiliated pundits and critics were wrong. America needs major communications reforms to stay relevant and open access as well as Google’s Android are good first steps to making that happen. The big carriers have spent too much time crippling and jailing users that we’re stuck in a backward system that is inhibiting the growth of the cell phone market. Open Access may be the first major brick taken out of the wall since number portability.

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