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On The Lot a Failure?

Who would have thought another Mark Burnett project that didn’t involve any women in bikinis ripped off from Matt Damon would flop? Yup, yup it did. Seems America is happy enough to watch people squalling into microphones and tripping over each doing dance moves on FOX but aren’t about to through an hour of wannabes trying to become filmmakers. Who could have predicted that? Well everyone.

The Lot was launched with the panache of that November movie that’s meant to be aimed straight at the Oscars but it forgot that reality tv is slimy, sleazy and relies on the audience’s demographic needs to see

A. Cute boys on screen for the teenage girls

B. Cute girls for everyone else

C. Violence

D. Treachery

E. Tears

F. Nudity

The Lost failed in all these departments and it’s hanging around like an unwanted guest that just won’t leave.

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