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Office 4×07 Survivor Man review

Well with every 30 minute episode The Office continues showing that it’s best at doing 30 minute episodes rather than one hour episodes after all, actually it’s something like 23 minute episodes vs 39 minute episodes but who’s really counting anyway?

The comedic timing and the interaction is great in Survivor Man, it’s fundamentally a Michael episode and though his movie attempts may be an embarrassment, Steve Carrell carries the part on his back the way he always does. Admittedly the redundancies are getting to be too much. We’ve just had way too many episodes that hinge on insane behavior by Michael, especially on insane behavior he derived from a TV show, but Survivor Man is less about insane behavior than about Michael trying to get to know himself, which would have worked better if he had come out of it with some new understanding the way he seemed to be on the verge of doing in Fun Run.

Still Dwight’s superior insanity manages to carry the day as Dwight is in his element running through the forest and stealing eggs, watching Michael through a rifle scope, trying to knock him out with a shoe and vowing to let him die rather than come to his aid and finally coming to his aid anyway in a display of that creepy manlove that Dwight seems to harbor for Michael and Michael for Ryan.

Meanwhile continuing this season’s theme for Jim, Jim has to face growing up, does it and then decides he doesn’t want to do it.

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