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Oblivion’s Ten Worst Mods

10. The Curious George Mod – After a long session of glue sniffing and a four page discussion thread on the official Oblivion forums, finally a mod that sticks every character in a long yellow coat. May involve some clipping with horses, weapons, cities and other gear.

9. Redneck Daedra – This Mod turns every Daedra into a hillbilly accompanied by grunting sound effects, caged pigs and names for sections of Oblivion such as, “Billy Bob’s Moonshine Saloon” and “NASCAR Oblivion Racetrack.”

8. Gold Coins to Dollars Mod – This Mod turns gold coins into dollars resulting in a constantly falling value for your money. Better buy that Elven mace or Advanced Life Detect spell fast because it will cost twice as much a month from now.

7. Gay Oblivion – Guards follow you around everywhere making constant comments about how muscular you are and how well you can handle a blade. No actual Mod needed.

6. Goblins to Congressmen – If you’re bored of killing Goblins, this Mod transforms the Goblins of Cyrodil into current US Congressmen through some sort of wacky time portal. Not recommended for people already under investigation by the authorities.

5. Drunk Mod – If you want the fun of staggering drunk through Grand Theft Auto IV but in Oblivion, this Mod will let you get legally and illegally drunk. Avoid driving horses under the influence.

4. More Annoying Oblivion – More leveling, more giant rats, more copycat dungeons, more annoying characters pestering you!! Moar annoying Oblivion more! Also comes with Lolcats.

3. Ron Paul Oblivion – You play a heroic elderly gynecologist on a quest to convince the foolish Imperial authorities to go back to the “Beads of String” standard and re-enslave the Argonians and Khajit.

2. The Good Oblivion Mod – Here’s your copy of The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind. Enjoy it.

1. Jib Jab Oblivion – Now that’s more like a real hell.

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