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Not a Bad Week for TV

Any week in which contrary to expectations, V and Human Target were renewed and NBC finally canceled Law and Order is an unbelievably good week.

First, Law and Order. L&O was the Charles Manson of TV dramas. It should have been put to death decades ago. Instead it stuck around forever. After his tenure on Miami Vice, Dick Wolf inexplicably decided that cop shows shouldn’t have characters or stories, just actors reciting exposition before moving on after a few years, and instead of scripts, just ‘ripped from the front pages’ stories. I’m amazed that NBC in the weak position that it is, at a time when networks are renewing new underperforming shows, finally put Law and Order to sleep.

Second, V and Human Target, both on the cusp. Human Target was performing well until a downturn in its finale. V had an iffy start and never quite got its rhythm. But surprisingly FOX and ABC did the right thing on both. I called Human Target ahead of time, but V was a little bit of a surprise. The downside is that both renewals show a growing conservatism and lowered expectations among the major networks. The upside is that one good show and one show that might get good have another chance.

Still no word on Legend of the Seeker, though a SaveOurSeeker fan campaign is underway.

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