Norwich Judge, Prosecutor, Bulletin begin Retreat on Julie Amero Case

Sometimes the earth stops spinning around the sun, sometimes pigs begin to fly and sometimes the Norwich Bulletin which had repeatedly penned misleading articles on the Julie Amero case repeating the prosecution’s case ad naseum actually wrote an article that grudgingly actually acknowledges the reality of the opposition to the case.

Combined with the prosecution and judge’s delay of sentencing, we can expect one of two things– attempts by local officials to buy time and hope the attention being paid to the case goes away so they can sentence Julie Amero to prison without the public outcry that will surely result from that combined with an increasingly likely gubernatorial pardon– or a simple attempt to try and think their way out of the box they prosecuted themselves into by destroying a woman’s life because of a spyware infection generated series of pop ups.

For the third time since March, sentencing was postponed, this time until May 18. The request by Assistant State’s Attorney David J. Smith, who prosecuted the case, was signed by Judge Hillary Strackbein.

“The state has not completed a full examination of all the issues which may affect its position at the sentencing hearing,” was Smith’s written explanation.

New London County State’s Attorney Michael Regan said because the case is pending he could not elaborate on any details. But, Regan said, “Issues have been raised by the defense. In general, we have an obligation and a duty to make sure justice is done.”

No? Really?

How often exactly do Prosecutors win a case and then turn around and go… oh wait issues have been raised, we’ve got to make sure justice is being done. It’s what an honest man might die, but an honest man would never have prosecuted a technically illiterate woman for encountering a condition that millions of Americans encounter all the time and doing her best within her limits to cope with it. Nor would an honest man have done so based on testimony that such a condition cannot possibly exist– a piece of testimony that in and of itself comprises either utter ignorance or perjury.

What we’re left with then is a political prosecution, whose prosecutor is looking for a way to save his own political hide.

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