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Nolan vs Cameron

If Christopher Nolan didn’t exist, movies would be in a much worse place than they already are, tumbling into a headlong rush into the 3D Gimmick (TM). But right after Avatar made enough money to feed every hungry child in the world, when every other movie was being turned into 3D, often with disastrous results, as the other Avatar showed, Nolan kept Inception in good old fashioned 2D. And you know what, good old fashioned 2D still made plenty of money. And while some Warner Brothers executives might still fantasize over how much more Inception tickets might have been upsold, the move paid off. And now Nolan is sticking with 2D for the next Batman movie. Had Dark Knight not made completely insane amounts of money too, WB would have waved goodbye to Nolan, and brought in Zack Snyder or the guy directing Justin Bieber’s music video, to do the next Batman movie. But Dark Knight made too much money and so did Inception to just wave him away. And with even Marvel trying to copy Dark Knight’s success, Nolan got his way. Just as Cameron got his way. The difference between the two is that Nolan still makes movies, which is why he said no to 3D. While Cameron makes video games and thinks 3D is the future.

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