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Nokia: Web 2.0 Means Nothing

It’s sometimes startling to see the ability that an advertising jingle and an ad department has to make a meaningless term that much more meaningless. What exactly Web 2.0 means is unclear mainly because it stands for the shiny logo social networking future of the internet meant to distinguish it from the burst ecommerce bubble past of the web. Web 2.0 is basically branding and in this viral video, Nokia manages to make Web 2.0 that much senseless.

If you pay attention to this video and its annoying song, watching videos on your video camera is somehow Web 2.0. Also apparently Web 2.0 is all about connecting, which suggests that AT&T’s ad department circa 1982 has the patent on Web 2.0 and will promptly be suing everyone who uses it. Of course in reality, Web 2.0 is an attempt to make the internet seem like an exciting brand years after it stopped being fresh or exciting, just functional. It’s an attempt to shove social networking anywhere and everywhere and it’s an excuse for glassy logos.

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