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Nip/Tuck is Gone

Or mostly gone anyway. The incredibly repulsive TV series, about as repulsive as TV can get without turning into Reality TV, has been canceled, at long last. From the creators of the WB’s Popular, a show that was nearly as phony and full of itself, Nip/Tuck managed to get people’s attention with a long list of creepy and sexist antics. Pretending to parody that which it was, Nip/Tuck schizophrenically raided genres and like a drunken Gary Busey on Saturday night as willing to do just about anything to get people to pay attention to it. With five seasons, the show has long overstayed its welcome and is dying mainly because aside from having Rosie O’Donnell get naked, the series couldn’t figure out how to badger, terrify or creep people out into watching it anymore. A sixth season will be a quiet if moody way to bury the series that wouldn’t have had a single viewer if not for the constant and desperately sleazy shock tactics. If you took David E. Kelley and crossed his brain with a Days of Our Lives writer, you’d get Nip/Tuck and while it might sell the DVD’s for a year or so, I doubt anyone but obsessive die hard fans will remember it long afterward.

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