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Nielsen Aims for the Copyright Biz

With TV networks declining faster than orchids wilting in autumn, Nielsen has been looking around for some kind of business to get into. TV Networks have been blaming Nielsen for their bad ratings, which is nothing new, and despite attempts by Nielsen to mollify them by tracking Tivo, the reality is that the TV network business is on a one way track to outstown and of course everyone knows it but Ben Silverman. Nielsen has as a result been making various futile efforts to get into the internet business, from trying to rate websites to now claiming to be ready to provide the killer app that will end online unauthorized tv clips and episodes for good. That’s right, no more episodes of Naruto on YouTube or rewatching that episode of Two and a Half Retards, sorry Men on Dailymotion. From now on it’s austerity all way, TV style. Personally I think it’s cute that Nielsen is trying to go where every company has gone before and I’m sure that a year from now every episode of Six Feet Under will still remain gloriously unwatched on YouTube. Say ah.

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