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NewsCorp Buys Photobucket

Gotta say smart move guys. NewsCorp picked up MySpace and made back the money tenfold. Photobucket is a good investment if only because when MySpace goes downhill and turns into the next Friendster, NewsCorp will continue cashing in by exploiting Facebook’s good widget and photos integration policies to make money off Photobucket.

There’s really no other point in buying Photobucket since they could simply integrate a good image service into MySpace built from scratch by a few rogue dotcommers for a fraction of the cost. The point of buying Photobucket is as a hedge against the coming day when MySpace becomes an abandoned hasbeen, much like so many dot com trends that have come before.

Of course after Photobucket swallowed and digested Tinypic, leaving not a trace of what had formerly been a convenient and easy to use site when you wanted to upload a picture, I have rather little use for Photobucket. I have enough passwords and accounts to remember as it is. I don’t need another one and Webshots AllYouCanUpload is a free, easy, reliable and great alternative to Photobucket or the Tinypic that sadly once was but now is no more.

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