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New York State’s June 1 Deadline for the Tax

For those New Yorkers who prefer to order online instead of shopping at slimy local retailers or big box chains, the price of buying online is about to get higher, thanks to hooker patronizing ex-governor Elliot Spitzer and current blind junkie governor David Patterson. The responses to Spitzer’s phony tax have run the gamut from resistance to outright surrender. certainly broke the record for giving in as soon as possible and passing the cost on to their customers. Which way the pebble rolls will be clear on June 1st when you either will be paying more taxes to the corrupt politicians in Albany via your favorite e-commerce site or you won’t. and Byrd, who I’m not a fan of by any means, are actually doing the right thing by jettisoning their New York State affiliates rather than raise prices for their customers. Patrick Byrd actually had a surprisingly rational response to the whole thing, which might stem from his libertarian contrarian politics., which basically inspired the tax, is taking a two pronged approach, fighting it in court while charging its customers sales tax. Obviously it would be a lot harder for, which has built up an extensive network of affiliates to jettison its New York affiliates the way has. though has really given a disappointing response in a form letter which repeatedly mentions how great their customer service is.

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