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New X-Files 2 Trailer is Here

I don’t even know why I bother reporting since as you can see for yourself up above the new X-Files 2 trailer doesn’t really offer much else, unlike David Mamet’s somewhat cool but less cool Redbelt second trailer. But again Billy Connolly is staggering around and digging in the snow, accompanied by a lot of FBI agents and helicopters. A scene that is repeatedly shown because it probably cost a hell of a lot of movie to film. We’ve got the keyword “Believe” repeated several times just in case people forgot what the show was about. And a bunch of recycled scenes that feel like the trailer for the first X-Files movie. People are cheering in the Paley Center but they seem to be cheering more for the idea of an X-Files movie than for this trailer which really tells you nothing about the movie, except that it incorporates all the X-Files cliches. They might have at least thrown the Cigarette Smoking Man up on screen.

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