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New Sulu Star Trek Episode Coming

Well the line between professional and fan based efforts to do Star Trek blurs a little further with the new episode starring George Takei as Sulu. Of course New Voyages has already done an episode with Walter Koenig as Chekhov. This appears to be an episode set at the end of the Star Trek TOS movies timeline based on the photo. It also claims to boast professional makeup personnel, storyboarding and special effects. But those have never been New Voyages’ biggest problems. Anyone can forgive poor effects and even direction in favor of good acting, something Star Trek New Voyages has never been within light years of, or even adequate acting. And based on a cast that’s still drawn from the usual New Voyages types, aside from George Takei himself and apparently an actual Broadway actress and Grace Lee Whitney, we’re still going to be stuck with the usual bunch of awkward amateurs woodenly looking ahead and trying to deliver their lines while sounding like a high school production.

Still despite those basic deficits, you have to admire New Voyages for how much they have managed to accomplish. I mean granted second bananas on TV shows often want a chance to shine and that’s been a bug in George Takei’s shorts for some time, even pushing for Star Trek novels that featured his character, but between Marc Scott Zicree it still seems to blend a whole bunch of professional and amateur talent that lets everyone play fan while upgrading the production quality.

Of course the question is who’s paying for it. If the production quality is decent enough and the acting isn’t too embarrassing, this is the sort of thing that Paramount might conceivably pay for at some point, if only to hawk as DVD’s. But it’s far from a sure thing.

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