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New Amsterdam Now Dead

For anyone who had high hopes for New Amsterdam, feel free to dash them now. If you don’t know what New Amsterdam is (besides the Danish occupied version of New York), here it is. Now kiss it goodbye.

New Amsterdam (7 p. m. Tuesdays ) features dashing Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as a 400-year-old New York homicide detective. (Stay with me. ) He was a Dutch soldier in the colony of New Amsterdam in 1642, was mortally wounded saving an Indian maiden, then was saved himself by an Indian spell of immortality. Our hero will remain 30 years old forever until he meets his soul mate.

Granted this sounds like Angel or Forever Knight minus the vampiric part but whether the show would have promise or not, FOX has already put two bullets in New Amsterdam, which silver or not, seem likely to keep it dead.

Namely FOX has now positioned New Amsterdam as a mid-season follow-up to American Idol. Odds of New Amsterdam being able to hang on to American Idol’s massive teen lead in? About 2 billion to 1. A mid-season replacement behind American Idol is a death sentence for 99.9 percent of the shows out there, never mind a high concept semi-fantasy series.

Right now FOX is crafting a season heavy on Reality TV with a Tuesday Night ‘Bottom of the Barrel” lineup of Don’t Forget the Lyrics! and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (shows that can give you a tv lobotomy) and a Wednesday night Reality TV slot. The results aren’t gonna be pretty.

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