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Netscape Wises Up, Un-Diggs

One of the worst symptoms of the social networking epidemic and of Netscape, which demonstrated a new and truly profound level of cluelessness, was its adoption of a Digg clone look that of course never went anywhere. Granted you could sorta see why the concept of a Digg like transformation for a web portal that had nothing anyone actually wanted was appealing but it was quite clear from the start that it wasn’t going to work.

Digg exists because of a particular demographic. A demographic that Netscape didn’t have. Mozilla might well be able to create a kind of Slashdot sort of Digg site that is tech oriented. The main visitors at Netscape’s home page were people who didn’t know how to change their home page and were still bizarrely using a Netscape browser and Ron Paul fanatics who were willing to sink to any depth to spam up their candidate. Sad either way.

Building a site requires content and you can’t reliably depend on user generated content. Netscape needs to follow in the footsteps of Yahoo blending a variety of content from video to news to social media.

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