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Netscape Scrambles to Survive with Netscape 9

What if they released a browser and no one cared? No I’m not talking about Apple’s Safari. Netscape 9 is on the way in. I still have the box from my first Netscape browser. I hung on to using Netscape longer than most people did. I suffered through the stupid cool dog chat and the other junk Netscape began piling on in order to try and compete with Internet Explorer. But in the Microsoft’s monopoly killed Netscape and Mozilla Firefox arose to take its place in the hearts of techies and people who want a browser that doesn’t come from the Death Star of Redmond. But Netscape still keeps chugging along. There was the ludricious plan to turn Netscape into Digg with no real results. Now there’s Netscape 9.

Admittedly Netscape 9 has some cool features but at the end of the day the whole thing reminds me of the cool dog chat thing. Netscape 9 is compatible now with Mozilla Firefox plugins which should be a major boost of convenience. There’s a handful of neat features like the ability to resize text boxes, always an annoyance and one that commenters here often complain about. But will that be enough? I suspect the magic eight ball of the internet will say, No.

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