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NBC’s Post-Apocalyptic Revolution

A few thoughts.

1. After J.J. Abrams’ string of high profile TV failures, why do networks still keep throwing money at him?

2. Can S.M. Stirling sue for this? What about the creators of Jericho? Maybe they can file a joint suit?

3. In a world without electricity… Manhattan is a jungle. Neat. Do they realize that most of Manhattan was built without electricity? We didn’t actually use electricity for everything. We used it because it was more convenient than the alternatives.

We might not have iPods, but we would have cities. And the United States predated electricity. It actually managed to keep together in a Civil War… without electricity.

4. 15 years later there are warlords and everyone is living on farms, but they look exactly like wannabe actors and models in LA.

5. What’s with all the bows? Are you telling me that all the firearms in the country stopped working too?

With all the caveats this still looks better than Terra Nova, but so does a dog yawning in the sun.

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