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NBC Decides to Give Away TV Episodes for Free

In the latest shot fired in the NBC vs Apple war, NBC will now allow you to download DRM protected episodes of its shows that will play only for a week from the NBC TV website. This isn’t a bad move as a way of providing mobile content on video mp3 players. I’m assuming that beyond the DRM, NBC is providing median quality episodes too.

Certainly it’s a smart way to beat YouTube and the rest at their game by going a step further with mobile friendly content. Of course the videos require a Windows computer to play which means that Macs are out of luck… oh the bitter irony and Macheads and the ever popular Linux advocates will promptly begin complaining up a storm. But you’re dealing with an old media corporation, so what do you really expect anyway?

Of course the media’s reporting on the Apple vs NBC implications of it misses the fact that the shows being offered for download are NOT the shows that were on iTunes like Battlestar Galactica and My Name is Earl but the same shows that were available for free on their website all along, such as Heroes and 30 Rock, with the exception of the web friendly The Office.

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