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My Genome, My Hype, Myself

Any number of companies are now rushing forward to market genetic information to gullible yuppies, but with Google being the monster behemoth that it is, the quirkily named 23andMe genetics company from Sergey Brin’s wife / ex-wife Anne Wojcicki is getting the most attention. A New York Times piece describes the whiny reality of having your DNA information in front of you. The reality though is that the reason insurance companies don’t care, even the more vicious health insurance predators, is that genetic information in reality adds up to very little.

For the last decade the meaning of your DNA has been simplified to the point of absurdity with news stories claiming to have located the genetic predisposition for criminality, homosexuality, arson and sniffing glue. Okay the last two are a joke, the point though stands. Correlation is not causation and DNA doesn’t make the man or the woman. Genetic code is at most potential and at least, misunderstood and meaningless. We are not our DNA anymore than your house is a brick. DNA taps into certain aspects of us, but it’s still like watching the cards in a complicated game at a Casino.

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