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I really would like to tell you that I watched JJ Abrams’ new much hyped FOX series Fringe and am here with a well thought out review of it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Well some things could be further from the truth, honestly, saying that I can fly could be much further from the truth, but as far as Fringe goes, I had trouble getting past 15 minutes of it. The obstacle was that I simply didn’t see anything worth watching. An X-Files type opening that has one passenger on a shaky flight inject himself with some mysterious substance before turning into a zombie and turning the whole flight of Germans into zombies was okay, and then we cut to Mark Valley in bed with Anna Torv as FBI agents hiding their secret relationship and I began to get bored. By the time they boarded the plane I was falling asleep. Probably it’s the downtime, not mine but Fringe’s. I just didn’t see any characters I cared about or anything that hooked me as well as Alias’ or Lost’s pilots did. Fringe seems to have done well in the ratings so I’m probably alone, but maybe I’ve just seen too many X-Files episodes to want to repeat the experience, especially without Mulder and Scully on board.

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