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Much Ado About Microsoft and Yahoo

The case of Microsoft buying Yahoo is not the case of one loser buying another loser, as Wired Magazine snidely put it, because Yahoo is far from a loser. But as Netscape did with Yahoo, Yahoo did with Google, foolishly letting it piggyback on its portal and paying it for the privilege. Now Yahoo still regularly beats Google at producing sites and offerings that people actually want to go to. Witness the failure of Google Answers and the success of Yahoo Answers or Google Video which finally had to adopt the Yahoo Video model while Google had to buy YouTube just like Google had to buy Blogger. Yahoo’s Shopping is well ahead of Google’s failed Froogle. The real problem is the search business where Yahoo has ramped up but isn’t scoring, in part because Google has become synonymous with search and Yahoo still hasn’t grasped the no frills interface model that has made Google’s applications so successful but Google hasn’t grasped how to make anything that actually appeals to anyone but neat freaks.

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