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Mozilla vs Safari’s Updates

I’m not completely unsympathetic to the complaints Mozillaward about Apple’s use of updates as a retail channel. They’re not entirely wrong, but they are a bit late. Every time Windows Media Player asks me to install an update, which really turns out to be the next version of Windows Media Player, which I strongly don’t want to download, or every time Windows Update treats the next version of IE as a security download, it’s a reminder that the boat has long ago sailed on that sort of thing. Sure using updates associated with security as a retail channel stinks, but so does offering software packaged with the Google Toolbar and virtually everyone who wants to do business with Google does that now. Push is very much alive and companies are eager to shove their software down your throat. I personally downloaded Safari on my own but I doubt someone who downloads Safari by accident will be that likely to use it in the first place. As open source Mozilla has some advantages over traditional monopoly based companies like Microsoft or Apple but also some disadvantages. That’s the playing field. Them’s the breaks.

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