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Morgan Spurlock, Go Away

Oh look it’s a new Morgan Spurlock presented by POM. You know the drink our beverage and you’ll live forever guys. Irony. But back to Spurlock.

Spurlock catapulted himself to fame as Michael Moore’s mini me by pulling a stunt, the whole eat fast food for a month. Then he tried another stunt by pretending to look for Bin Laden. Now it’s some adaptation of the sort of gag Michael Moore used to do as a 5 minute piece on TV Nation. This time even the Weinstein company, which is struggling with Scream 4 and Hoodwinked Too isn’t on board.

Sure we get it. Corporations are doing all kinds of corporate type things. And Spurlock will talk about how wrong and silly it is while hanging around ordinary locations that people like us might end up in. Like supermarkets. Or barns. Or NASA Space Shuttle hangars.

But Spurlock himself is a product. He’s selling a product. And it’s not a very good one. When I buy sneakers with a logo on them, they’re good for something. I’m not sure what Spurlock is good for except making movies about himself talking about how ridiculous something is. Give Michael Moore credit, he manages to outrage people. Spurlock is just beating the documentary agitprop horse to death. And it’s not nice to beat horses to death.

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