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More Plagirism Follies

Remember the whole stolen recipe internet rage thing that shut down an obscure magazine no one had ever heard of before. Cracked article writers are outraged because an AOL blog “plagiarized” one of their Top 6 thingies. There’s all sorts of internet mob googlebombing justice afoot to denounce the AOL mommy blogger for copying that article. Which is funny since Cracked is Wikipedia with more dick jokes.

Unlike the recipe, which you at least assume was original work, people are actually outraged because a list of “secret reasons” why people have sex that included the color red and fear assembled by three different writers to crank out instacontent for one online site, was copied by another writer looking to crank out instacontent for another site. This isn’t someone copying Moby Dick, but copying someone else’s summaries of news stories which summarized the same thing and turning it into a list. So more like copying someone else’s summary of Cliff Notes about Moby Dick. Copying that is wrong because it’s lazy, not because it’s original work.

The push for content is just going to make this worse, with small numbers of people working over the same material to turn it into Top 6 lists to earn their 50-100 bucks. Think of a bazaar in India. That’s the content market now. Overcrowded, dirty and recycled. What does plagiarism even mean in an environment like that when everyone is just chewing what twenty people before him got done chewing.

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