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Assuming the Ridley Scott helmed Blade Runner isn’t a reboot or a remake, then it might be one of the more palatable of these projects. Unlike Alien, Blade Runner wasn’t mined to death in multiple sequels. But is there room for a sequel?

Purists might say no, but the K.W. Jeter novels were loosely plausible ways to keep the story going. Those aren’t a factor without Harrison Ford and even in Ford’s career state now, he’s not too likely to sign on for this. And even if he did, age would be an issue.

That means a story set in the same universe. Also doable. The challenge would be making it work in the present day movie environment. No one’s putting up money to make another Blade Runner, a surreal chrome edged noir. Scott will be working from an action movie script, and if Prometheus turns out to be a disaster, he’ll have even more people looking over his shoulder.

So can a Blade Runner movie deliver action and a compelling story? Maybe. Depends on the script. Ridley Scott isn’t at the top of his game either. And the only reason a Blade Runner movie is being made is because it’s a name people have heard of. Still it’s not the worst idea ever. We have Battleship to thank for that.

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