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Moonlight Loses Another Showrunner

For a vampire series, CBS’s Moonlight sure is stocking the graveyard with ex-showrunners, having famously set aside Angel’s David Greenwalt, who may have actually left due to health problem, now despite being renewed for a second season, it has set its actual showrunner Chip Johannsen, for unclear reasons with Joel Silver supervising the remaining four episodes. This may be some sort of internal fallout from the WGA strike, Chip trying to get off a sinking ship or Joel Silver throwing yet another one of his famous tantrums, there isn’t enough information to do anything but guess at this point, yet it’s very odd to have a showrunner for a series leave 4 episodes before the end of a season unless he just got one hell of an opportunity and doesn’t mind burning a lot of bridges, which suggests it’s more likely that he was shown the door for some reason.

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