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Microsoft Vista SP1 Update Needs an Update

At this point you almost have to feel sorry for Vista, the fabled new OS overpromoted by Microsoft as the greatest thing since Windows 3.0 only to turn into the redheaded stepchild of operating systems right up there with OS/2. Vista SP1 was supposed to at least tackle Vista’s numerous bugs which had helped to dissuade users and companies from going from XP to Vista, except as it turned out, Vista SP1 itself needs an update because SP1 actually wound up multiplying the bugs. Now Microsoft is taking the somewhat unprecedented step of pulling Vista SP1 entirely and going back to work on it resulting in SP1SP1 or some sort of insane recursive loop bound to lash back to its beginning and destroy the universe, something that pretty much everyone knew Microsoft would some day be responsible for. The thing is that Vista from day one has seemed cursed, stripped of its most powerful features and reduced to an interface update with some eye candy that actually runs even slower than XP, it’s the operating system that proves that Microsoft may be reaching the end of the line.

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