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Microsoft is Search’s Loser

Having just rebranded Live search as Bing, Microsoft is determined to keep showing off why it’s a hopeless loser when it comes to search. Live itself was part of a Vista era branding that included renaming Windows Messenger, or was it Microsoft Messenger, to Live Messenger. (Maybe it’s going to be Bing Messenger now.) Much like Microsoft’s long forgotten attempt at forcing everyone to use Passport, or trying to, a tactic that all but doomed the once popular Hotmail webmail service, this too proved to be a dead end. Now Microsoft has decided that the secret to having a winning search engine is to give it a goofy impractical name, and the best they could come up with was, Bing! Aside from getting 5 more minutes of attention, Bing seems to be a whole lot like Live. The problem with both Bing and Live, isn’t that they’re worse than Google. Though Bing and Live may be marginally slower, though that might be due to the shiny background image. The problem is that there are few ways to improve on Google, except through better search results, and better search results aren’t coming anytime soon. Not when everyone’s business model depends on search ads. So Live and Bing and anything Microsoft turns out are doomed to be also rans, still also running.

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