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Microsoft is Scrambling with the Updates

Vista has hardly been released out into the wild and Microsoft is already scrambling with a Vista Service Pack 1 at the beginning of 2008, needed to fix many of the bugs and problems that Vista had been having out of the gate. As quite a few people had commented, Vista is in many ways closer to a Beta release and Vista Service Pack 1 will bring it back to a moderately workable level. Just as Windows XP really did not become fully functional until Service Pack 2 (as noted by the fact that SP2 is the minimum for Microsoft integration)

Microsoft has had to rush out Vista SP1 out the door now because Vista adoptions by companies, key to Microsoft’s business strategies have been lagging, because of problems involving Vista. Vista SP1 is meant to reassure the business world that Vista is the operating system to switch to.

Meanwhile an underhyped Windows XP SP3 release is also coming out which will basically wrap up all the online updates and some drivers too in the bargain. And what a bargain it is.

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