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Microsoft Google Desktop Search Slapfight

Now usually I’m one of the first to jump on the “Microsoft is a Monopoly” bandwagon and shout, “Off with Bill Gates’ Head!” but I have to say despite Microsoft backing off, I have no real sympathy for Google here.

Desktop search is dramatically different than internet search. Much as microsoft might try to play at integrating the browser they created and tacked on to their OS at the last minute, the browser is a separate program vis a vis the operating system. Desktop search though is a fundamental part of the OS. Desktop search falls within the general sphere of the OS and for all of Google’s whining, its unnecessary gadget can either run on Vista or it can’t. In the long run Desktop Search has no future anyway. Not unless you consider pointless and redundant technology developed by Google on a drunken bet with Oracle to be at all useful.

I would also question the whole premise of a monopoly on freebies. Microsoft undermined Netscape’s paid browser business by giving away Explorer for free. By contrast Google has no desktop search business. It’s just yet another attempt to tie everyone into data run on the Google web monopoly. So who’s monopolizing here anyway?

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