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Microsoft Gets Desperate to Unload Windows Vista

Desperation is never pretty unless it’s wearing a whole lot of makeup but now Microsoft’s desperate desire to try and get people to switch up or down, depending on your point of view, from Windows XP to Windows Vista, is convincing the evil company from hell to slash prices on Windows Vista Ultimate by 80 bucks to 319. Of course that’s still a ridiculously inflated price and people who weren’t buying it at 399 aren’t realistically about to buy it at 319 either. Now if Microsoft was really serious about speeding up Windows Vista adoption, it might want to rethink the 50 flavors and simplify it down to Home and Professional again the way they did for XP. And then there’s the slight problem where Windows Vista is not only a resource hog but actually slower than Windows XP, not exactly a major selling point. Or the fact that it’s so buggy that even its SP1 needs its own SP1.

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