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Microsoft Fights the Losing Battle Against Piracy

Ever since Bill Gates was a bright eyed and wide eyed beaming creep in tacky glasses, he began writing outraged letters accusing other hobbyists of piracy. Then he went on to rip off CP/M and build an empire based on cutting deals using someone else’s software. And these days while Bill Gates atones for the billions he stole by giving away a few millions to Africa, Rockefeller style, Microsoft keeps on fighting piracy in a futile manner. Genuine Advantage mainly annoyed people and decreased adoption of free Microsoft products like Internet Explorer 7, that Microsoft actually needed people to use. So bye bye Genuine Advantage, but Microsoft, the beast from Seattle, continues to boast of its successes.

Microsoft Corp said on Monday it would disable the two primary methods used by software pirates to illegally copy Windows Vista software in the next major update of the operating system.

So essentially the pirates will now have time to find new ways of breaking the supposedly secure brand and shiny new OS, for which Microsoft is already rolling out a service pack.

Microsoft said new features built into Vista are reducing piracy levels by half compared with its previous operating system, Windows XP.

Uh huh, I don’t think people not wanting Vista is the same thing as piracy being reduced. Even pirates don’t want Vista. Anyone want to bet Microsoft ran its projected sales figures against the number of people they project using Vista to come up with this here figure?

According to trade group Business Software Alliance, about 35 percent of the world’s consumer software is pirated. Windows, which sits on more than 90 percent of the world’s computers, accounts for the bulk of those pirated copies.

The BSA is pretty much Microsoft and Adobe and exists to blackmail companies, schools and universities into buying their software. It’s a borderline criminal organization.

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