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Microsoft and Sony Announce Negative Price Cuts on XBox 360 and PS3

Deepening their competition over the future of the gaming console, both Microsoft and Sony have announced a new generation of price cuts for the XBox 360 and the PS3. After Sony’s announcement last week that the price of the PS3 would now be lowered to negative -150 dollars, meaning that Sony will pay customers 150 dollars to take home a PS3 and do something with it, Microsoft countered by offering a negative -200 dollar price cut on the XBox 360, pricing their console at minus two hundred dollars, and additionally promising to teach customers how to use the ring of death to destroy their enemies. Microsoft’s price cut has raised further worries at Sony, which has barely managed to sell 900,000 PS3 consoles, and with its latest price cuts now loses over a 1000 dollars for every PS3 “sold”. However Sony was able to point to the vast numbers of crickets chirping in Microsoft’s retail outlets, as customers showed no interest in buying Zunes or the 12 flavors of Windows 7 (Professional, Supremely Professional, Amateur Ultimate, Mocha Java ActiveX, Professional for Stupid People, Slightly Gay Ultimate, Home Professional Ultimate, Ultimate Blue Screen Special 64 and Professional Bob ME 7). Nevertheless Sony which has not sold a single game console outside of Japan this month, has completely lost its grip on the portable music players market, and is being terrorized by a giant radioactive lizard; could take small comfort in Microsoft’s woes. Nevertheless Sony executives gathered together in secret talks planning a rumored -250 price cut to the Sony PS3. Meanwhile Nintendo announced its 100 millionth Wii sold.

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