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Michael Coming Back to Lost Again

It was all but inevitable and it was only a matter of when and how it would happen. Well the When is apparently next season and I suspect the How won’t be a flashback. Michael, last seen killing two women from the tail section, one lamented (Libby) and one unlamented (guess who) and sailing off in a boat along with his son into magnetic sunset of some alternate universe or whatever lies beyond the horizon, will be making a return appearance, for how long, who knows.

Lost has never really had much of a moral center outside of Jack so it’s anyone’s guess how they’ll deal with the whole Murderer thing but I’m sure they’ll manage. Despite being an obnoxious egotistical and self-righteous jackass, Michael was always an interesting character to watch and I imagine that will not change any time soon.

On to Saison 4, as our French friends say it.

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