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Michael Bay Dumps Transformers 2 Over HD-DVD?

Blogging is tricky for celebrities. Blogs mainly give celebrities a chance to make fools out of themselves. And then there’s Michael Bay. For Michael Bay, blogging is all about posting things without thinking them through, not quite realizing that the web isn’t quite like a party and that making a rash statement on your blog quickly results in it being picked up by 500 news outlets from Variety to the Bejing Daily Sniffler.

This time out Michael Bay announced that he wouldn’t do Transformers 2 because Paramount was releasing or was only releasing movies in HD-DVD. Now a passion for format is fair enough and there’s no doubt that HD-DVD is inferior to Blu Ray, albeit cheaper. That’s the kind of thing many a director has gotten exercised about. Especially a director like Michael Bay who pretty much lives or dies by High Definition since his movies are basically strings of special effects and explosions. You can watch Rocket Science in any format. But Transformers works best with as much clarity and resolution as possible. After all it’s not like it has anything else to offer.

But threatening not to do Transformers 2 was going a little too far and so the statement was promptly pulled from his blog and replaced with a message about Michael Bay wanting everyone to be able to see movies in the format of their choice. Fair enough. Paramount has decided to jump on the cheaper HD DVD process and with a 150 million dollar bonus, Blu Ray players are left out of the High Definition game. It’s certainly a boost to the HD DVD crowd but it’s also par for the suicidal course as HD DVD and Sony continue burning money and alienating consumers all the more. After all now that the HD DVD consortium had dropped a 150 million to win one studio’s allegiance, what’s to stop Sony from repeating the trick?

And after billions more have been dropped on this insane war with no winner, at which point does everyone call it quits?

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