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Memo to Google: Please Remove eBay Results from Searches

Or at least significantly reduce them in rank. Considering that eBay already gave you a good kicking after you tried to promote Google Checkout to their customers over eBay’s own PayPal and pulled their ads from Google AdSense stating that they were getting enough results from pure Google searches without needing the actual PPC ads, you might at least have the dignity to say fight back and hit eBay with a -30 penalty.

And frankly it would be doing users a favor and cleaning up your search results too. When I search for some product, the first results keep coming back from eBay. I am not interested in eBay. If I wanted to buy used goods from some Borat lookalike in Turkmenistan that never arrive only to have my account frozen as a result of some sort of dispute with a scammer, I can just cut out the middle man and go straight to the corner grocery store. Enough already. It’s bad enough that Google search results have become as cluttered as the rubbish in your aunt’s attic and searching through it requires dumpster diving through 500 bad results from portals and spam blogs, we really don’t need the eBay scam results on top of that too.

If I want results from eBay it’s easy enough to search deliberately for them. As in “eBay overweight groundhog” or “eBay mentally unbalanced cabinet with authentic wood drawers and mahogany finish”. If I’m not searching for eBay, I don’t want results from eBay, especially since those results are usually for expired auctions anyway. If I want to actually buy something from eBay, I’ll search for current auctions on eBay. eBay results in Google just add more junk results into a search engine already burdened by too many junk results.

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