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Meet the New TV Season

So Michael Chiklis has gone from The Shield to playing SuperCommish in a live action version of The Incredibles. Or at least that’s the best available description of No Ordinary Family, a TV show about a generic TV family that gets superpowers and uses them in exactly the ordinary generic ways you would expect. ABC was probably thinking Heroes meets 10 Rules, which is what they got. And I doubt that’s a good thing. Chiklis seems to be having fun. Benz has somehow become a TV mom. And this thing won’t survive a single season.

Hawaii 5-0 reboot. Seems like a no brainer, which is the problem when people with no brainers do it. They not only managed to completely ruin something as basic as the Hawaii 5-0 theme song, but they somehow confused the show with Baywatch. Maybe it’s the bad upfronts impression, but between all the beach scenes and Scott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin, the whole thing screams Baywatch. Except they arrest people, instead of save them from drowning. The problem will probably be pinned down on producers who were old enough to grow up with Baywatch, not Hawaii 5-0.

Then there’s Shit My Day Says, which is a title CBS seems to be keeping. Smart of them since someone might think the show is groundbreaking, when the actual show is a terrible sitcom with an obnoxious laugh track in which a line derived from the Twitter account is emphasized and mechanical laughter follows. The sad thing is this wastes the talents of people who are actually better than this, including Shatner, Nicole Sheridan and Will Sasso from MAD TV. And it also proves that executives who try to use Twitter to make a show, instead just make something that looks like a generic sitcom from the 80’s, except not funny.

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