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Meet the New Fringe

I never warmed up to Fringe. With a ratio of 60 percent character interaction to 30 percent case to 10 percent backstory, you really had to care about the characters and the arc. I didn’t.

But Fringe is somehow back for a fifth season and a new premise. Fighting invaders from the future in the future.

fringe walter

It looks more interesting than the current format, but it also introduces Henrietta, a bland new character, and the future world never felt like an oppressive society. Henrietta is too cheerful and the borrowed Nazi elements are too blatant.

Still I might give this a shot. The premise of Walter as a ruthless genius, instead of a senile punchline, is something to look for. The Fringe team trying to drive out invaders, instead of investigating strange cases also might work better and give the show a kick in the pants.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that two episodes in I’ll be yawning again and looking for something more interesting to watch.

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    Jheovany June 11, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    I loved the Fringe series flaine! So many tears and I can’t wait to go back and watch it all over again. It truly was a love letter to the fans as Joel Wyman said. Thank you Mr. Wyman and company, cast and crew, writers and JJ Abrams! I am sad to say good-bye, but happy we all still have this great gift called FRINGE. Having not seen you reviewing most of the season, what were your thoughts on Peter inserting the observer tech? if there is no Emmy for John Noble this time, we must adopt a cow in his name and call her Emmy.As for Anna Torv, it should no longer be the Emmy, but the Anna. Also, if it’s meant to be we shall see them in the new Star Wars movies. the campaigns are already out there. thanks for all your reviews dennis and jrothc. fringe forever

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