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McCain is Going Nuclear

And frankly it’s about time. No he’s not dropping nukes, yet… but McCain is talking about opening dozens of nuclear power plants, which obviously is the sort of thing that makes the patchouli stuffed heads of hippies explode, but is actually a fairly carbon friendly aid to the energy crisis. European countries and really much of the world continues to embrace nuclear power, while thanks to a bunch of idiotic movies and shrieking self-proclaimed activists, nuclear power has been shunned in the United States. When you talk about alternative energy, people tend to bring up solar or wind power, neither of which have the efficiency or cost-effectiveness to actually make a real dent in the problem. Nuclear energy is still the original alternative energy and we wouldn’t be quite so up the creek right now, if we had continued building nuclear plants, instead of letting Hollywood hacks and bored protesters with signs intimidate us into turning our backs on nuclear power and embracing OPEC instead.

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