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Mass Effect: Amazon Learns about the Price of Social Networking

Sure social networking isn’t a social disease anymore, it’s just viral and right now every site out there is plugging in social networking features and Amazon is no exception. Amazon’s site reviews, paid or unpaid or otherwise rewarded, have been a big part of the reason for the site’s success and on top of them Amazon has added forums, voting and all sorts of little social networking gimmicks. But social networking integration can be a double edged sword, as writers get targeted for backlashes through those same features. The Cooper Lawrence Mass Effect Fox news backlash was only the most prominent such backlash, but its’ very success is certain to inspire other more prominent attacks. Ron Paul supporters have already demonstrated the application of such attacks and when his candidacy falls apart, there will no doubt be many fragmented groups drifting around and staging new attacks. The one thing the Paultards have demonstrated is that social networking can be exploited.

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