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Mass Effect 3 and the User Effect

How big is the split between reviewers and gamers getting? The Metacritic raids are a major sign of trouble. While reviewers are giving Mass Effect 3 the same sloppy kiss they gave Dragon Age 2, the user revolts on Metacritic are severely unfavorable. The huge gap between a 92 pro rating and the 3.3 user score says bad things.

I haven’t played Mass Effect 3 myself, so I can’t say which side is right, but the criticisms that I can see on Metacritic echo many of the problems with Dragon Age 2. That’s enough to get me to opt out of Mass Effect 3, even if I wasn’t still playing Skyrim. What’s strange is that the reviewers don’t really deny those criticisms, the discontinuity between the previous games, the lack of user agency, the pointless grind, weak graphics and the lack of a meaningful story. They just go on praising the game anyway.

After the Jennifer Helper hype, it doesn’t seem like Bioware can do wrong in the eyes of the pros, they will excuse anything the company does. I don’t know the industry well enough to make the accusations that some users are making, but the fanboyism really has to stop and until it does that Metacritic gap will go on haunting reviewers.

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