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Mars is Crop Ready

Seemingly. Possibly. Maybe. But between the findings of ice and a decent PH balance for the Martian soil, it seems as if the route to colonizing Mars just got a lot shorter. Granted it’s still not a breathable world by any means, but considering that the great barrier to interplanetary colonization involves hauling everything from Earth, having a local water supply and soil in which some crops can be grown, means much of that problem is lifted. It means hypothetically speaking that a colony on Mars could even become self-supporting before the entire planet has been terraformed. If that’s possible, then a colony becomes a much more feasible proposition, particularly before steady routes can reliably exist. Considering that disasters like the Challenger have shown the ability to retard a space program for years, that is a key point in planting a colony. Obviously this is a risky proposition still, but there will be no shortage of volunteers for the Martian frontier.

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