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Macworld Comes, Macworld Goes, Nothing New

With little in the way of product launches, except the belated announcement that iTunes is going DRM free, not the sort of thing that even fanatical Apple fans can get too excited about at this late, Macworld is a bust, and Apple’s stock has reacted accordingly. But truth be told, there’s not much that Apple Inc could even roll out that would generate much excitement. The iPhone 3G, the iPod Touch are all out there, and Apple’s laptops such as the AirBook aren’t producing much buzz or that many sales, but are earning their own Onion parodies. The real money is still in Apple’s portables, with the iPhone, the iPod and iTunes and the App store bringing them in, but there’s not much new on that front. Apple has a popular cell phone and it’s gone about as far with the iPod touch as is possible without turning it into a netbook, which it already sort of has. The frontiers have shrunk and all Apple can really do is hammer away at the cell phone market, because staking its piece of the cell phone marketplace is the only way Apple can survive, when the MP3 and video player part of the market are subsumed into the mobile part of the market. Apple knows it, and though it hasn’t dominated, it has done pretty well for itself. But that leaves it with little place to go.

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