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Mac Users Get Their Own Blue Screen

It’s getting hard to tell Macs from PC’s these days. After all both share an Intel processor. They both now have an overrated buggy Operating System, Vista for PC’s and Leopard for Mac’s, though you can run Vista on Mac’s and Leopard on PC’s if you really want to. All that separates the Mac from the PC is an extra 1000 dollar cost and an inflated ego that comes with knowing virtually nothing about computers or budgeting or smart shopping. And now Mac owners can even claim their own very own BSD, Blue Screen of Death.

Except since as we all know Mac does everything so much better than a PC, Mac’s Blue Screen of Death is actually much worse and entirely locks up the computer. Apple of course has predictably blamed a third party for the problem, Unsanity’s APE (Application Enhancer). The problem of course is that plenty of APE-less Mac users are seeing the blue screen of death too. But responsibility the Steve Jobs way always means blaming innocent people for your own incompetence and hoping your cult will follow along with the ritual deletion and purging.

Will Apple apologize to Unsanity and its users? Ha. For a company that bricked its own cell phones, we can safely assume that Apple will react the way it always reacts to technical problems with its products.

1. Sneer and pretend the problem doesn’t exist

2. Blame users and third parties for the problem

3. State that the issue affects very few users and make some concessions under the table after the outcry grows too bad while pretending it’s not a problem

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