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Lost’s Tedious New Season

I know I used to complain that nothing much happened on Lost. A lot of people did. Last season consisted of a few days packed into a year in which people ran around a lot and did nothing useful. But this season so far has lots of people running around and actually doing things, and yet somehow I can’t seem to care. Maybe it’s Lost burnout, I never cared for the series that much, and truth be told, it probably lost me some time ago. Maybe what was best about Lost was the island, rather than sitting through the writers trying to merge Alias and Lost by having them all go on wacky spy adventures around the world, while Hurley learns to drive stick and hallucinate at the same time. Enough is enough. I realize the writers and producers tried to be innovative by having them try to get off the island, and now have them try to get back on the island, flashbacks, flashforwards, all that junk. At least the flashbacks are gone, and without them it’s a lot easier to see how pointless the show has become. Locke is stuck in confused but oddly upbeat zombie mode. There are a ton of subsidiary characters, all annoying besides Daniel Farraday who managed to sell himself as a worthy addition. We get more background without explanations, more coincidences and more people running around. And somehow I just can’t seem to care.

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