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Lost’s DUI Pattern

There’s something funny about patterns and coincidences. Certainly part of that love of analyzing numbers and patterns has been behind the stellar success of Lost. And then the funny thing about patterns and coincidences is that they don’t always end at the door between reality and fantasy. Case in point, Lost’s DUI patterns. If two events are a coincidence, three form a pattern. And now three Lost stars have DUI arrests.

Of course there is the Occam’s razor explanation. Many people in Hawaii have DUI arrests all the time. A small number of them are famous. The reports of DUI arrests by Lost cast members simply occurs because Lost is the only high profile TV show currently shooting in Hawaii.

On the other hand does anyone know how many Magnum P.I. castmembers got DUI’s while the series was shooting? The answer would seem to be not very many if any at all. That’s the odd thing about patterns, the more you explain them away, the more they refuse to go away.

Finally there’s the question about Kim’s survival on the show. The last two castmembers who got DUI’s were promptly killed off shortly thereafter. What of Kim? Well if Kim dies, then we have another pattern. Get a DUI and get kicked off the show. And if he doesn’t, questions of sexism arise. Either way a new pattern is formed.

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