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Lost Season Four Promo

For those five people or so who still care about Lost Season 4 despite ABC’s policy of not airing episodes until years have passed between them, here’s Lost’s Season 4 promo that should answer all your questions. Ah but I kid. It will answer no questions and contains very little actual footage of Season 4 but if you missed the season finale for Season 3, this should bring you up to speed. Sort of. Not at all.

New footage that’s shown as a series of flashes suggests a mastodon skull, an amulet, a wall, Jack and bright strobing flashes will play key roles in Lost Season 4. Right now on the Lost boards many people are no doubt analyzing the trailer looking for hidden clues in it such as this strobing messages from producer J.J. Abrams repeated as a series of flashing dots which reads, “YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME” and is actually an anagram for a possible fan site or ABC site which contains nothing except a timer counting up and a circular sphere orbiting the timer. But I kid. Again.

It’s not clear how the mastodon skull will play into Jack’s sweaty greasy hair, but undoubtedly more developments have been tightly structured. The invaders have come to the island searching for something, something that isn’t a certain Scottish guy who travels through time when not wearing underwear outside the monastery. Happy guessing.

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